Siji (Skikun) Hamlet

Siji Hamlet is located on the 18 km point of Provincial Highway 7A, on the upper reaches of Lanyang Stream in Datong Township of Yilan County, about 1,000 meters above sea level.

The traditional Atayal name for the place is Tayax, and is divided into upper and lower hamlets. After the death of Temuran Kaylo, the ancestor who founded the Manoyuan community in the Qing period, his three sons left the Pyanan community due to their estrangement with the family. They moved to Tayax that had fertile land suitable for farming. Later, the Jialan community, 12 km away from Tayax, was attacked by the Qing army. Hence, to avoid further attacks, the Jialan people decided to move to Tayax, making Tayax a community with a diverse population.

During the Japanese occupation, the Government-General in Taiwan set up a police post here. Seeing that it was like spring all year round with beautiful scenery, the place was named Skikun, which means four seasons in Japanese.