Gold Mine

Budong Mingwang Temple

The Budong Mingwang Temple is located on the 183 km point of the Central Cross-Island Highway, and sits under Ning’an Bridge. There are two bridges parallel to each other on Liwu River. The old red bridge was built when the road was first constructed. It was the longest one-lane bridge in Taiwan at that time. About 50 meters in front of the old bridge, there is a narrow Tianwang Bridge. Under this bridge there is a cave, and inside it is the Budong Mingwang Temple. It is said that it was a Japanese, who mined gold in Liwu River at the end of the Japanese Occupation, that brought the bronze statue of Fudo Myoo (Budong Mingwan or the immovable wisdom king) from Japan. The statue was enshrined here to protect the safety of the mining road construction. In the post-war period, the statue was sent to Xining Temple because there was no one to worship it in Liwu River. In 1951, Taipower rebuilt the statue, brought it back to Liwu and renovated the temple.