Lishan Hamlet

The Lishan Hamlet is located on the 82.5 km point on Provincial Highway 7A in Heping District of Taichung City, on the hillside on the south bank of the upper reaches of Dajia River. It is 1,780 meters above sea level.

This hamlet used to be the official Salamao サラマオcommunity that was established by the Government-General in Taiwan when Atayal people from the Kishiai community on the left bank of Dajia River and the Pelumoan ペルモアン community from the right bank of Dajia River were collectively moved here. 

During this period, paddy field farming and non-tropical agriculture was actively introduced. Lishan Hamlet was originally located near the old Nichinan police post until mid-1960 when the Cross-island Highway was opened to traffic and the local residents moved to Songbai Village, a Veterans Village set up by the Retirement Society. Gradually, this area became a little settlement.