Song Ahzhuan

Monument to the Centenary of Teaching in Eastern Taiwan

The Memorial Monument to the Centenary of Church Establishment in Eastern Taiwan is located in the Shiyusan Recreation Area in Chenggong Township, Taitung County. The monument mainly tells the story of the introduction of the Presbyterian Church to eastern Taiwan. At the end of the Qing period, Zhang Yuanchun, a follower from Aligang in Pingtung County, moved to Shiyusan and used holy water to heal Shiyusan chief’s asthma. He then established the Xun-Guang-Ao Church that was later known as the Shiyusan (Stone Umbrella) Church, and opened up the missionary history in eastern Taiwan.

At the end of the Japanese occupation, the Government-General in Taiwan vigorously promoted the imperialism movement, and so church services became secret gatherings. Later, the Xingang Church was established and took on the followers of the Shiyusan Church, and a monument was established in 1997 to commemorate it.