Attractions along Jiaobanshan Sanxing Historic Trail

Xuewunao (Sbunaw) is located in the northeast of Gaoyi village, Fuxing District, Taoyuan City, on the south bank of the confluence of Dahan River and Xuewunao River, between 500 and 600 meters above sea level, facing Ronghua. The steep and bronze-colored mountain wall is the famous Ronghua Cliff. The transliterations include Zuo Xibuluo, Sewuhao, Xibuqiao, Shi Fulao, etc. In Atayal language, the name has the meaning of a tree that has fruits, bunaw means tree fruit, and Si means to have. Therefore, there was a fruit that monkeys liked in the past, and it was named after it. Another saying is that Sbunaw refers to groundnuts. The residents originally lived in Wudaonengan who moved here in the 7th year of Qianlong (1742). At the end of the Japanese occupation, about twenty households were led by Umin-Pitai and moved to Shangwulai. After the liberation, there were eight households who moved from Haga Bay under the leadership of Tali-Hayan.

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Aerial shot of Sbunaw
Aerial shot of Sbunaw
Aerial shot of Sbunaw