Attractions along Jiaobanshan Sanxing Historic Trail

Ehen is located in Sanguang village, Fuxing District, Taoyuan City. Also known as Yiheng, Yeshen, Ehong, etc. In Atayal, Ehen means the sun can only be seen at noon. It is named because it is located in a branch valley of the Malikuowan River, with the Yufeng Mountain Range (also known as Malikuowan Mountains) behind itwith dense forest and lots of rain and fog. There is another saying, which refers to the meaning of Yeheng's platform by the river. Most of the residents moved from Wudaonengan to the area of Sule. The village is located on a semi-circular river step on the left bank of the lower reaches of Malikuowan River, a tributary of Dahan River. The altitude is between 640 and 740 meters. Residents use mountain spring water to irrigate, creating the most tidy terraced landscape in the Fuxing District. Therefore, Yeheng was once known as the "back valley warehouse".

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Aerial Shot of Ehen
Aerial Shot of Ehen
Aerial Shot of Ehen