Xiayunei (Rahu')

Attractions along Jiaobanshan Sanxing Historic Trail

Xiayunei (Rahu’), also known as Xiao Wulai, is located in Yisheng village, Fuxing District, Taoyuan City. In the early days, it was called rahu-ulay, which means the lower half in the Atayal language. It was named after the pomelo tree at that time. There was a hot spring in the ulay stream, which was later destroyed. The upper half used to be called gramay, but today it is called ulay. In the early days of the Restoration, the place names in the Fuxing District were all translated in Hokkien. In order to identify Taipei Wulai, it was called Xiaowulai, or it was translated as Yunei, because it was located relatively downstream, so it was called Xiayunei. The Atayal language ulay means waterfall, and some people misunderstand it as hot spring. There is Yisheng Elementary School founded in 1950 in the settlement. During the Japanese occupation period, the Japanese came to manage it, and the settlements in the lower half were residents who originally lived in the upper half.

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Xiayunei (Rahu’)
Xiayunei (Rahu’)
Xiayunei (Rahu’)