Gaorao Road

Attractions along Fuba Cross-Ridge Historic Trail

The starting point of the Fuba Cross-ridge Historic Trail is in Fushanli, Wulai District, New Taipei City, and the finishing point is in Baling, Taoyuan City. It was one of the important transportation passage between New Taipei City Wulai District and Taoyuan Fuxing District druring the Japanese rule. In recent years, it has been planned and built by the Forestry Bureau as a section of the "Chiatianshan National Trail System". The entire path runs through the Lalashan the Chitianshan Natural Reserves. There are many giant red cypress trees along the route, which is also an important habitat environment for wildlife. After entering the Fuba Cross-ridge Historic Trail from the mountaineering entrance of the Sacred Trees District of Lalashan, walk for about 10 minutes, you will encounter a collapsed wall. Since this section of the trail has collapsed, the Forestry Bureau erected wooden stairs to bypass the collapsed section. This detour, Gaorao Road, can be passed in about 5 minutes.


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View of Gaorao Road
View of Gaorao Road
View of Gaorao Road