Wantian Battery Entrance

Attractions along Beikeng Creek Historic Trail

The Wantian Battery Trail entrance, in Tai’an Township of Miaoli County, is located on the 15 km point of Simaxian Forest Road and is about 1,310 meters above sea level. The trail was set up to monitor the northern Atayal group during the Japanese occupation. The battery was erected on the ridge line or high point of the mountain overlooking tribal villages in order to intimidate indigenous people.

In the early days of Japanese rule, the Governor of Taiwan, Sakuma Samata organized a large-scale crusade to manage the indigenes. In 1911, he suppressed the northern group of Atayal tribe with superior force. Police Officer, Maruda Kiyoshi, was killed during this fight and therefore, the battery was named after him. Today, the remains of the Wantian Battery are hidden in the forest of Cryptomeria.


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Wantian Battery Trail Entrance
Wantian Battery Trail Entrance
Wantian Battery Trail Entrance