Dormitory for police officers at Daban Police Post

The Dabang Police Dormitory, located behind the Dabang Police Post in Alishan, was used by the Governor-General in Taiwan to send officers there to supervise the local Tsou people during the Japanese occupation. Due to the changes in the Lifan Policy (Indigene Management), the Dabang Police Post had different names and functions. It was not until the legalization of the station where the officers were stationed that it was named the Dabang Police Officer Station in 1913. At that time, the police dormitory where Dabang was stationed not only provided police housing, but also hosted officials who came for inspection. After the war, the National Government changed it to a dormitory for the mayor’s family members. Currently, the building has been renovated and is being used as the Dabang Visitor Information Center.

Daban Police Station

The Dabang Police Station is located in Dabang Village, Alishan Township, Chiayi County on the terrace where Tefuye River and Changgu River merge into the mainstream, about 970 meters above sea level. The traditional Tsou name of the place, Dabanu, was taken from the last name of the chief who established the tribe. During the Japanese occupation, the Government-General in Taiwan set up a police post in the Dabang tribe. However, due to changes in the Lifan Policy (Indigene Management), the police post had different names and functions. After the police posts were legalized in 1913, it was named Dabang police officer station.

Today, Dabang Police Station still has an independent firearms and ammunition warehouse as well as the police dormitory of that time.