The Temple of the Loyal and Martyrs Fifteen Lords

The Temple of the Loyal and Martyrs Fifteen Lords is located next to the Shuidiliao Night Market. In the 12th year of Qing Daoguang (1832), due to the tense relationship between Fujian and Hakka, Cantonese Xu Cheng, Zhang Bing and others led a crowd to besiege the Fujian villages. Many Fujian fled. When fighting against Hakka attacks, Huang Rongyuan and other 17 Hokkien martial artists from Hengchun happened to pass by. 15 people were killed in the battle because they helped the Fujian villages. After the incident, local people in Shuidiliao built temples for them in order to thank the 15 people who sacrificed their lives to help the villagers.

Shuidiliao Village

Located in Fangliao Township, Pingtung County, the Shuidiliao Village was originally a forest lowland. The Makadao people of Fangsuoshe who lived in Dawuli in the late Ming period began to hunt and cultivate here. Coming to the Qing period, Huang Maochun, the head for the Fangliao reclamation, led the people to cultivate Shuidiliao in 1711. As it was close to the mountainous area, trades with indigenous peoples were prosperous and gradually formed a market.