Nanzuhu (Pakara’ac) Hamlet

The Nanzhuhu Hamlet is located in Changbin Township, Taitung County. It was formerly known as Bakaraatsu, named after the white crabs that lived in nearby paddy fields. Amis people used to live in the hillside west of what is the current Zuhu village. However, at the end of the Qing period, there was a land dispute with the local Pingpu people, and they were cursed that if they lived here for a long time, there would be disasters. The Amis people of the local Zhuhu group and the Saobie group were deeply frightened of ghosts, and so they moved to the south and north. South is now the Nanzhuhu Hamlet, while north is the Yongfu hamlet that sits at the higher plateau on the left bank of Dade River. In the post-war period, the Nanzhuhu Hamlet was split into Nanzhuhu on the top and Xiakan on the bottom.