Yuli Township is located in the south-central section of Hualien County. It became a village in 1875 and was called Pu-Shi-Ge during the Qing period. There are many saying how the name originated. First, Pusiko is how Bunun people describe dust and sand that they saw flying above Xiuguluan riverbank. Secondly, Paheko is how Amis people describe ferns because the riverbank plain was covered with ferns. Third saying was when General Wu Guangliang opened the road in 1875, he saw pure white jade all over Xiuguluan river and named the place Pu Shi Ge, namely the unpolished gem pavilion.

At the end of the Qing period, Pushige village was already a military powerhouse and a Han settlement, with an area equivalent to the current urban Yuli.