Zhiliang Police Sation

Attractions along Pyanan Historic Trail

The current Zhiliang Police Station is located about 3 km north-east on Huanshan in Heping District of Taichung City. It is the former Zhiliangjie Police Post that was set up by the Governor-General in Taiwan on the Pyanan Historic Trail during the Japanese occupation.

This trail was originally the path that Atayal people travel between north and south. However, for the purpose of transportation and management control, the Governor-General has resolutely built roads especially for managing and relocating the Atayal group to other villages (aka Indigene Management Route). Afterwards, the Nitto Research Institute of Domestic Oil Production tried to use the fallen wood roots of the cedar in the Zhilioangjie area to distill turpentine oil. However, due to limited profits, the production was suspended the following year. The present Zhiliang area has been included in the Big Lishan High Mountain Agriculture area.

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Outside of Zhiliang Police Station
Outside of Zhiliang Police Station
Outside of Zhiliang Police Station