Jinlun Hamlet

Attractions along Kunlunao Historic Trail

Jinlun Hamlet is located on the alluvial plain on the north bank of the Jinlun River estuary in Taimali Township, Taitung County. The traditional Paiwan name for the place is Kanaron, which was named after the abundant rosary pea plants there. It can also be called Hanzilun or Jiazinan. Jinlun hamlet existed as early as the Dutch colonial period, and once participated in the Eastern Local Conference held in Beinan in 1655. Due to its ideal location at the mouth of Jinlun River, it was an important place to dispatch coastal defense troops to garrison during the Qing period. During the Japanese occupation, police post, education center, and trade center were also set up there.


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Overlooking Jinlun Hamlet
Overlooking Jinlun Hamlet
Overlooking Jinlun Hamlet