Hongye Village

Attractions along Kiwit Historic Trail

The left half of the settlement in the image belongs to Hongye Village, Wanrong Township, which is the Hongye Tribe of the Truku group, and the right half is Ruixiang Village, Ruisui Township, which is the Amis Hot Spring Tribe. Hongye Village is located on the left bank of Hongye Stream, and is adjacent to Ruisui Hot Spring in the east. In the early days of Hongye, the Amis and Bunun people lived successively. The Amis people called the area Koyo because of its many mountain cats there, namely the masked palm civet, and in the Amis language it is called Koyo. After the Japanese occupation, Koyo was translated to the japanese word koyo, which means autum leaves, and  “Hongye” in chinese character. After the 8th year of the Showa era (1933), the Truku people moved in one after another. Because of the narrow terrain and lush vegetation, the Truku language called it Utux Qrunang, which was later transliterated as "Wudof Kelonan". This was later shortened to "Aifunan", which is the name of the place that the people use today.


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Honya Village
Honya Village
Honya Village