Yushui Bridge Hamlet

Attractions along Antong Traversing Historic Trail

This image shows the coastline around Yushui Bridge from north to south. The small settlement in the middle is Yushui Bridge hamlet, and the promontory on the upper right protruding out of the sea is Sanxiantai. The Yushui Bridg Hamlet is located about 700 meters south of Shiyusan. It belongs to Zhongxiaoli, Chenggong Town. Because it is located on the south side of Yushuiqiao, it is named Yushuiqiao. It is an Amis settlement formed after the war. The Amis call this place fadoachan or larachan, which is formed by the Amis who moved from Dulan and Jialulan in Donghe Township, Danman in Changbin Township, Guanshan Township, and Chong'an and Jiaping in Chenggong Township after the war. The fairly new settlement currently has about 36 households, all of which are Amis except for two Han households. Although this settlement has a short history and a small population, it has held harvest festivals every year in recent years.

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Aerial view of Yushui Bridge
Aerial view of Yushui Bridge
Aerial view of Yushui Bridge