North Wushibi

Attractions along Antong Traversing Historic Trail

The Provincial Highway 11 passes through North Wushibi Settlement, an Amis tribe located between Ningpu and South Wushibi. North Wushibi is located on the south side of the Ningpu Creek mouth. It is the "Wushibi Community" of the Amis people, and is called ciradayai in Amis. Radai in Amis means orange jasmine (commonly known as Qilixiang). It was named after this tree because there were many growing nearby. In the past, Amis men, women and children used the radai for their teeth as there is a custom of burning charcoal to blacken teeth. The Han people named it "Wushibi" (black rock nose) because there is a black rock promontory protruding out of the sea in the southeast of the settlement that looks like a human nose protruding outwards. The ancestors of the Wushibi community moved from the Hualien Port Office Ganana community at the end of the Qing Dynasty. At the beginning, they lived with the people of "Danman-she" in the foothill area above the Danman Bridge on the west side of Nanwushibi community. The settlement was only moved to the current site during the Japanese occupation .

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Aerial shot of northern Wushibi
Aerial shot of northern Wushibi
Aerial shot of northern Wushibi