Antong Hamlet

Attractions along Antong Traversing Historic Trail

The original name of Antong hamlet was Hongyu or Wengsuo, which comes from the Amis word Ancoh, and means "the smell of urine". The name came about when the Amis people first moved here and the smell of sulphur is like a child’s urine. During the Qing Dynasty, the Han people came here to reclaim the land, and their phonetic translations were Wengsuo and Hongyu. Antong hamlet was first established in a place called Tailaan at the mouth of the Antong River. In the 6th year of Taisho (1917), the houses were demolished for the construction of the Eastern Railway. After the completion of the railway, the settlement was moved to the current location and renamed Antong. Most of the tribal residents are Ciwidian and Pacidal clans from Shuilian and Rarangus clan from Taitung. The origin of the tribe is different from that of the Harawan tribe, because although there is only a mountain between the two tribes, they have little contact with each other. Before the 1980s, there were often fights over land.

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View from the top of Antong Hamlet
View from the top of Antong Hamlet
View from the top of Antong Hamlet