Water Power Generator

Wujie Reservoir

Wujie Reservoir is located in Renai Township, Nantou County, across from Fazhi Village and Wanfeng Village, which is about 12 kilometers northeast of Sun Moon Lake and adjacent to Wujie hamlet. It was built in the 8th year of Taisho (1919) and opened in the 9th year of the Showa era (1934). The function of Wujie dam is to intercept the stream of the Zhuoshui River and its tributary Wanda River, send water to Sun Moon Lake through a diversion tunnel, then import it into power plants to generate electricity. Due to the large amount of sediment transported by the Zhuoshui River, the Wujie Dam blocks a lot of sand and stones in the upper reaches of the Zhuoshui River in the riverbed above the Wujie Dam, so the Wujie Dam is seriously silted up.