Entry Icon of Kulou Community

At the entrance of the Kulou community in Laiyi Township, Pingtung County, there is an image of Maljeveq,  the vine ball ceremony of the five-year festival, and the surrounding black marble stone wall is decorated with stone carvings. One of the highlights of the five-year festival is the vine ball ceremony. In the past, the ball used in the ceremony is woven with vines, but now it is woven with acacia bark into a ball with a diameter of about 12 cm. Usually, about 200 balls are prepared for a five-year festival, some of which are blessed by shamans and priests and used in the vine ball ceremony, while others are used for practice. A twine is attached to the vine ball, which is used to throw the ball higher. The length of the thorn is 15 meters, so the ball must be thrown at least 18 meters high, not only high but also straight. When the ball is caught by the sharpened pole, it is an honor to take the "sacred ball" home and enshrine it in the ancestral house.