Neipu Camp

Neipu Camp, located in Neipu Township in Pingtung County, was the base camp for the excavation of the Kunlun’ao Trail during the Qing Dynasty period. It has now been converted into a local cemetery. After the Mudanshe incident in 1874, the Qing government began to actively govern Taiwan and formulated a policy of excavating mountains and managing indigenes. The most important measure was to build the garrison road that connected the front and the back of the mountains. The first to be excavated was the Chishan-Beinan Historic Trail, also known as the Kunlun’ao Historic Trail. The trail was built in the same year as the Mudanshe incident. At that time, the two battalions were guarded by Zhang Kuiyuan, the town army, and troops were dispatched and stationed at camps of Kunlun'ao, Dashiyan, Audong and other camps to help Yuan Wenzhuo continue to excavate the trail.