Mount Liying

Qingjing Farm

Qingjing Farm was established in 1961 and is owned by the Advisory Committee of Retired Officers and Soldiers of the Executive Yuan. During the Qing Dynasty, it was the pasture of the Atayal Wushe group. During the Japanese colonial period, it was changed to a public ranch. After the war, it was taken over by the Nantou County Government and became a Wushe pasture directly managed by the county government, covering an area of ​​280 hectares. In 1960, the Nantou County Government transferred it to the Retirement Association and named it "Jianqing Farm". In the autumn of 1961, the Forestry Bureau transferred the adjacent state-owned 36 forests to the Retirement Association for management. In 1967, it was renamed "Qingjing Farm", which has a meaning of a fairyland with clean fresh air.