Qijia Hamlet

Qijia hamlet, or Tjuvecekadan in the Paiwan language, has the meaning "central", because old Qijia hamlet is located between Gulou hamlet and Lili hamlet, and is in the middle of surrounding mountains and rivers. The origin of this tribe came from the padain (old Gaoyan) in the north, and then migrated to kaviangan. Later, the ancestor simerangan (the curimudjuq family) led the tribe to karuvuan (old Guichong). On one hunting occasion,  when the people arrived at old Qijia the hunting dogs refused to leave.  Thus, they settled down in Tjuvecekadan (Old Qijia) for at least 400 years. It was until 1961, the government moved the old Qijia to Tjukarangan  in order to promote the housing improvement plan for the indigenes. In 1972, due to the severe damage caused by Typhoon Rita, the Tjukarangan (Qijia hamlet then) and other hamlets such as Guichong and Lili moved to the current location of Tjuadresir (Jialiliao), and they are collectively called Qijia Community.