Entrance of old Lili Hamlet

After passing through the small Lili hamlet on the Dahan Forest Road it goes downhill slightly and soon you can see a tall statue of the Paiwan Warrior on the right. This is the entrance of the old Lili hamlet and an important intersection for the Paiwan people in the past. Standing on the ridge line, there is the industrial road leading to the old Lili hamlet in the north, and to the ruins of Guhuashe in the south. The old Lili hamlet is divided into two tribes. The bigger tribe in the north is called Kinajian, while the smaller tribe in the south is called Contres. Lili hamlet and Guhua hamlet were allies, and often joined forces to fight against foreign rulers of the Dutch, Qing, or Japanese eras. How many times they were conquered, killed, and their villages burned, they never changed their firm belief and the idea of ​​independence.