Liying Police Post

Liying Police Post is located on the top of Mount Liying, above New Bowang Village of Qingjing Farm in Ren’ai Township, Nantou County. It is 2,219 meters above sea level and overlooks the Xueshan Range, the Hehuan peaks, the Qilai peaks and the Shoucheng Dashan. This place was originally the ruins of the Seediq’s Tadaka Hamlet of the Wushe group. During the Japanese occupation, the Governor-General in Taiwan had a fort to suppress the hamlet of the Wushe group. Today, there are forest trails and industrial roads that lead to the top of the mountain.



Renzhiguan, located between Daguan Bridge and Ren'ai Bridge on Provincial Highway 14, was a gate that was set up during the Qing period to prohibit the Han people from entering the area and to prevent the Han immigrants from having conflicts with the Sediq tribe. However, in the early days of the Japanese occupation, the Governor-General in Taiwan launched a series of large-scale battles against the Sediq tribe in the Wushe area. Both sides suffered heavy losses. Later, the Japanese implemented the strategy of ruling indigenous peoples by their own kind and successfully broke through the defense line. In 1908, police officials were stationed in Wushe, and they devoted all their efforts to build Wushe into a model indigenous society.