Lalauya Hamlet

Located in Alishan Township, Chiayi County, Lalauya (or Leyeh) Hamet is located about 2 km away from Shizhao Section of Alishan Highway. It is a small community derived from Tfuya village. Due to the ravages and natural disasters in the past, the tribes moved here. The name Leyeh is the transliteration of the traditional Tsou name, Lalauya.

In the early days of the Japanese Occupation, the tribe had 5 households with 70 people. In the early post-war period, the number increased to 26 households with 111 people. With the opening of the Alishan Highway that connected the county roads and township roads, it made traveling more convenient for the Tsou people. Especially since 2003, the Alishan township office, household registration office and police station have all moved to nearby areas. Lalauya has become the administrative center of the whole township.