Saoba Stone Pillars (Satokoay)

The Saoba Stone Pillar site is located on the Wuhe platform that is surrounded by Xiuguluan River and Hongye River in Wuhe Village, Ruisui Township, Hualien County. It belongs to a branch of the Puyuma Culture of the Neolithic Age. There are two slabs on the site, one tall and one short. The taller stone pillar is about 6.7 meters tall. The pillars were discovered in 1925 by Koizumi Tetsu, a reporter who worked for the Asahi Shimbun in Osaka during the Japanese occupation. Four years later, the Government-General in Taiwan launched the first investigation of the site. There are rich myths and legends of the Saoba Stone Pillars to the people of the Chimei Hamlet. The pillars are important sacred symbols for Amis people and the founding of the Chimei community and the establishment of Chimei Hamlet.