The Cepo’ Incident Monument

The Cepo’ Incident Monument is located inside Jingpu Elementary School in Fengbin Township, Hualien County. It was established in 2014, which is the 127th anniversary of the Cepo’ Incident.

The Cepo’ incident happened at the end of the Qing Dynasty, when Wu Guangliang, the commander-in-chief of all roads in Houshan, was resisted by the Amis people of Jingpu and Gangkou area for excavating roads for Shuiwei to Dagangkou port (Cepo’). Therefore, in 1877, General Lin was sent to lead a troop to suppress the Amis people. Almost a hundred Amis people were killed at the incident, and the surviving tribesmen fled, dispersed to the east coast and the Huadong Rift Valley. The area around Jingpu became the base camp for the Qing troops.


Jing'an Hamlet (Tisilan)

The Jing’an Hamlet is located on the south bank of the Xiuguluan River’s estuary in Fengbin Township, Hualien County. Due to its flat terrain, it is on the same straight line as Jingpu Hamlet. The traditional name, Tisilan, is derived from the Amis word “Saadisi”, which means on a straight line. At the end of the Qing period, due to the Cepo’ incident, the Qing soldiers originally stationed in Dabei moved here and renamed it Dagangkou Camp. Later, the Han people moved in, and the place is known as Da Pian Yuan. It was not until the post-war period, when house number plates were issued, that the place was renamed to Jing’an. In the 1980s, due to the increased population, Jing’an hamlet gradually got separated from the bigger Jingpu hamlet. At present, the Jing'an hamlet is mainly concentrated by Han people on both sides of the provincial highway 11.