Erbensong Visitor Centre

The Erbensong Visitor Center is located in Tai'an Township, Miaoli County. The building was initially a police post, built in 1911 by the Government-General in Taiwan, to monitor the northern group of Atayal tribe in the Da’an River basin. Erbensong in Japanese refers to a place with two pine trees. The traditional Atayal name of the place is Pihun, which means gate.

During the Japanese occupation, the police post was subjected to fierce attacks by the Atayal. In the post-war period, the National Government changed the names to Erbensong Police Station and Song'an Police Station. When the Jiji earthquake occurred in 1999, police officers were relocated to Meiyuan Police Station. Hence, the building has now been converted into Erbensong Visitor Center to provide visitors with environmental education service and tourist information.