Small tunnel in the middle of Zhuilu Cliff

Zhuilu Cliff is located on the Zhuilu section of the Hehuan Traversing Historic Trail. It is a steep cliff that was formed by the Liwu River cutting through the ridgeline of the mountain. It is about 1,200 meters long, 600 meters high and is mostly marble rocks. It faces the Fuji Cliff across the Liwu River, which is only around 20 meters away. It can even be called the most magnificent landscape in the Taroko Gorge.

When walking along the Zhuilu cliff, you will pass through a small tunnel. Inside the tunnel is a stone-carved Buddha, and the stone wall outside the tunnel is engraved with the words commemorating the excavation team who completed the project in 1915. The excavation project was led by Police Captain Umezawa Masa.