Zhuilu Suspension Bridge

Badagang Police Post

The Badagang Police Post is located 1 km of the Zhuilu section of the Hehuan Traversing Historic Trail.  The terrain is gentle, but the cliff at the south edge of the mountain falls steeply.

Traditionally, it was a Turuku village of the Badagang group, which the traditional name of this place means makino bamboo. It also has the meaning of striking battlefield. According to records, in the past, the Badagang tribesmen temporarily moved to the lower reaches of Liwu River for refuge due to typhoon destruction. When they returned to their homes, they found that the land had been taken by the people from Jingguan Hamlet. They made spears from bamboos and fought back the land.

During the Japanese occupation, the Governor-General in Taiwan established a healthcare center, education center, and police post here. Later, guest houses, clubs, and dormitories were added in promoting the Taroko National Park project as a resting area between the route of Fushi and Tianxiang.