Central Cross-island

Guanyuan Police Post

The Guanyuan Police Post is located above Guanyuan on the Central Cross-Island Highway, about 2,580 meters above sea level. When the Taroko War broke out, the army sent by the Government-General in Taiwan attacked the Turuku tribe from the east side of Hehuanshan. Guanyuan was the first stop, and when the then Governor of Taiwan, Sakuma Samata, heard that the Turuku tribe had fought here, he named the place after the ancient battleground during the Japanese Sengoku Period, “Sekigahara” (Guanyuan in Chinese character). As a result, the route of Hehuan Traversing Historic Trail was changed in the middle of the Japanese occupation, and the police post was called Guanyuan in honor of the Governor.

In the post-war period, the Central Cross-Island Highway was opened, passing through the small hamlet below Guanyuan Police Post, also known as Guanyuan. The hamlet has a lodge, Hehuan police station, and Guanyuan gas station.