Indigene Management Police Officer

Nanban Shigesuke Monument

The Nanban Shigesuke Monument is located at the back of Old Haocha Elementary School, on a path that leads to the village’s water source. The monument is made of two large stones stacked together and is 2 meters tall. The words, “Nanban Shigesuke Monument”, are engraved on one side, while the date of death, June 20 Showa 9, is engraved on the other. This monument mainly commemorates Nanban Shigesuke, who served as the head of the Kochayabokan Police Post during the Japanese occupation and ended his life on June 20, 1934.

However, in the post-war period, the National Government filled the monument with cement, painted in white and wrote in blue “Do not forget national humiliation in time of peace and security”. As time went by, the cement that had been smeared gradually eroded and the inscriptions from the Japanese occupation gradually re-emerges.