Stone Stele of Leading the Way

Jinshuiying Historic Trail Entrance

Located in Shuidiliao, Fangliao Township, Pingtung County, the Sancongrong Temple is the starting point of the Jinshuiying Historic Trail during the Japanese occupation. Natural rock blocks were placed under the tree next to the temple, The rock block on the right has “leading the way” engraved on it, and Taoist amulet on the left. According to a survey conducted by Taiwan’s ancient road research expert, Yang Nanjun, the local residents called this area Rulingkou (ridge entrance). 


Later in 2019, the research team got another saying from local elders that after the opening of the Jinshuiying Historic Trail at the end of the Qing period, the stone stele of “Leading the way” was a meeting point for people before entering the mountain. They said that this meeting point was protected by armed Qing soldiers and that traveling in groups was to avoid attacks by indigenous peoples.  The words engraved on the stone stele reflected this.