Cholera Incident Memorial Monument

The Cholera Incident Memorial Monument is located in the cemetery area of ​​the Chong’an Hamlet in Chenggong Township, Taitung County. This cholera incident occurred in 1946, when a man from the Yiwan Hamlet fell ill after eating seaweed that he had collected. He was sent back to Chong’an Hamlet, however, the disease spread quickly. It was found after inspection that it was an infectious disease of cholera. At that time there was a shortage of medicine because the war had just ended. The patients were quarantined in the hamlet but could only receive basic treatment. The dead were sent to the beach for incineration. No tombstones were set up and no names were registered. Decades later, the families of the victims were determined to find out the truth. The town office took the initiative to assist in the investigation and finally established a memorial in 2006 to detail the incident.