Dewu River Terrace

Dewu River Terrace is located on the east side of the confluence of Xiuguluan River and Fuyuan River in Ruisui Township, Hualien County. It is the starting point where Xiuguluan River cuts through the coastal mountains. 

The traditional name is Lulnu, which means paper mulberry because in the past, there were many wild paper mulberry trees here. It is also an area where the Amis people do dry farming and grazing. Overlooking from the Ruigang Industry Road, it is clear that the Dewu River Terrace descends from south to north. This shows that the river is continuously migrating to the north during the downward cutting process, which results in asymmetric growth meanders on both sides of the river bank. In addition, there is a prehistoric cultural site on the hillside of the Dewu River Terrace as fragments of plain pottery from the Jingpu hamlet have been found. This presumes that this was where the Amis people lived in the early days.