Danai Valley

Limei Hideout Trail

The Limei hideout trail that is located in Shanmei village and Lijia village in Alishan Township, Chiayi County used to be the main path from Tsou’s Shanmei hamlet to Lijia hamlet.  Starting from Shanmei hamlet, walk along the trail on the left bank of the Zengwen River, enter the Danai Valley, then climb the small branch on the west side of Yueyana Mountain to pass by Yofuni, you will arrive at Lijia hamlet. After the Alishan Highway was opened to traffic, this hideout trail has been abandoned for many years. When the trail was destroyed by Typhoon Morakot in 2009, people of the hamlet began to propose to the Forest Service Bureau to repair this historic trail. Other than for emergency relief, this area was also developed for tourism purposes. The Limei hideout trail was opened in 2013, with a total length of about 2.1 km.