Shenshan Hamlet

The Shenshan Hamlet is located on the terraced platform on the left bank of Ailiao North River in Wutai Township, Pingtung County, about 700 meters above sea level. 

The traditional Rukai name for the village is Kabararayan. Originally, both Shenshan Hamlet and the neighboring Wutai Hamlet originated from old Haocha Village, and they were cultivated almost around the same time. Later, due to the increasing population, some households of the Shenshan Hamlet moved away and formed the Dewen Hamlet and Jiamu Hamlet respectively. In the post-war period, the National Government combined Shenshan Alley and Zhongshan Alley and formed the Huarong Community, which was later renamed as Shenshan Community by the resolution of the villagers’ representatives in 1982.

Today, the Shenshan Hamlet is divided into two parts, namely the older Swabaliu above the main road and newer Laliulu (aka Swalingolo) below the main road.