Rock Wall

Ladenge Rest Area

Ladenge Rest Area is located one-third of the trail on the way to old Haocha Village.  Along the way, the wrinkled patterns on the rock wall are clearly visible. Once you have passed the rock walls, the path narrows and there are stairs that make the walk easy. Continue on for another 20 minutes and you will arrive at the slate house. Today, entry to old Haocha Village is from the Taiwan Indigenous Peoples Cultural Development Center in Majia Township, Pingtung County. After reaching the end of the Haocha industrial road, walk along Ailiao North River and you will first arrive at the once-flooded new Haocha Village. It then takes about 1.3 km to reach the old entrance for the trail. The altitude difference of the whole journey is about 830 meters, and some sections of the trail are cliffs, which are extremely thrilling.