Kigayan Hamlet

Attractions along Piahau Historic Trail

Located in Nan'ao Township of Yilan County, Kigayan Hamlet is located about 1 km west of Jingyang Hamlet, on a flat land below the then garrison road of the Japanese. The Atayal traditional name for the place is Kikeyan, which means footprints. Rumor has it that the name came about people leaving their footprints when passing through this area. As a fact, where Kigayan Hamlet used to be was originally the cultivated land of the Jingyang Hamlet. Later, three tribal families moved here and established a small community. According to Field Reporter Doras, at the beginning there were only three households with eight people in the Kigayan community. Then it increased to 18 households with 69 people. At the end of the Japanese occupation period, the tribes moved to the present Jingyang Village and Aohua Village, leaving only five households in Kigayan.


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Jigayangshe Site
Jigayangshe Site
Jigayangshe Site