Jingpu Hamlet (Cawi)

Attractions along Kiwit Historic Trail

The Jingpu hamlet is in Fengbin Township, Hualien County. It is located on the coastal terrace on the south bank of the Xiuguluan River estuary. The traditional name is Dapudapu, which means sloping land.

In the past, the Amis people established the Cawi hamlet on higher terraces, around the back of present Jingpu Elementary School.  At the end of the Qing period, Wu Guangliang, the commander-in-chief of all roads in Houshan, had conflicts with the Amis people of Jingpu and Gangkou area for excavating roads from Shuiwei to Dagangkou (Cepo’). Troops were sent to suppress and massacre the opposing Amis people, which resulted in the Cepo’ incident.  After the aftermath subsided, the people moved back to their old hamlet subsequently. But because the old hamlet was not livable, they settled by the seaside on the hillslope on the eastern side of Jianana instead. They continued using the name of the old hamlet, Cawi, until they renamed it to Jingpu in 1937.

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Birds’ eye view of Jingpu Hamlet
Birds’ eye view of Jingpu Hamlet
Birds’ eye view of Jingpu Hamlet