Jianana Hamlet

Attractions along Kiwit Historic Trail

The Jianana hamlet is located in a mountain pass in the northeast of the Wuhe Platform. As the terrain is shaped like a basket, it is called Kalala in the Amis language, which means basket. The name of this hamlet was first seen in the "Map of Taiwan" in the 4th year of Guangxu (1878). At that time, the hamlet was located on the top of Lumoc Mountain in the northeast of the current site. Later, due to the drought on the top of the mountain, it moved to the current site. The records from the end of the Qing Dynasty period kept the name of the hamlet however, no one lived there then. Then in the report of the Taitung Reclamation Office in the 30th year of the Meiji Period (1897), there were still records of 7 households with 33 people in Jianana hamlet. It can be seen that the Amis people of the Jianana tribe have moved in and out several times in the past hundred years, because the Wuhe Terrace has been an area where the Bunun people have frequent activities since the 18th century, making the Amis people unable to settle here for long. In the 11th year of the Showa era (1936), a Japanese company planted tea on the hills on the southeastern side of the hamlet and introduced 10 Hakka tea farmers from Beipu, Hsinchu. Currently there are about 50 households remaining in Jianana hamlet.

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Aerial shot of Jianana Hamlet.
Aerial shot of Jianana Hamlet.
Aerial shot of Jianana Hamlet.