Sea Ritual Plaza

Attractions along Kiwit Historic Trail

The sea ritual plaza of the Gangkou tribe is the place where the Amis people hold fishing sacrifices. The Amis people believe that their ancestors came across the sea, so they hold sea sacrifices to thank the god of the sea for protecting their ancestors to land. Different regions has different name for the fishing festival. It is called Milalikis by the northern Nanshi Amis, and Misacepo' by the Coastal Amis. Different regions also hold the festival at different times although it is held before the harvest festival, roughly from June to August. The fishing festival is a concrete manifestation of the Amis people's gratitude to the gods of the sea and the gods of heaven and earth. They believe that the natural world is dominated by many gods. They respect nature and hope to catch abundant fish and shrimp every year. The biggest taboo in the sea festival activities of the Gangkou hamlet is that women are not allowed to participate in the ritual. They believe that if women participate, there will be no catch for the year.

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Sea Ritual Plaza of Gangkou Hamlet
Sea Ritual Plaza of Gangkou Hamlet
Sea Ritual Plaza of Gangkou Hamlet