Attractions along Kiwit Historic Trail

Shitiping is located on the coastal reef area on the south side of Shiti Port in Fengbin Township, Hualien County. The traditional name is Tilaan, which means a place to stay overnight. Before the provincial highway 11 was established, people heading north to Maogong had to travel on foot and on return, they needed to stay overnight in this place. During the Qing period, when the commander-in-chief Wu Guangliang led his troops here to open the road, he saw the stair-like formation of the rocks and named the place Shitiping (Rock Stairs).  Over the past 100 years, the Kavalan, Amis, and Han people have successively moved to the vast land at the foot of the mountain on the east side of Shitiping. By the 1990s, the natural sea-eroded reef landscape of Shitiping had become a famous tourist attraction.


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Birds’ eye view of Shitiping.
Birds’ eye view of Shitiping.
Birds’ eye view of Shitiping.