Inside Balong Tunnel

Attractions along Jiaobanshan Sanxing Historic Trail

In the Baling No. 2 tunnel at the southern end of the Baling Bridge, there is a section of the Balong Tunnel left from the Japanese occupation period, which leads to the remains of the Balong Suspension Bridge. The Balong Tunnel is about 3 meters high, 2 meters wide, and 30 meters long. Here is a view of the interior of the Balong Tunnel from the Baling No. 2 Tunnel. The light in the tunnel is dim, but the chisel marks can still be seen, and the ground is full of gravel. The railing in the distance is the tunnel exit, which is connected to the Balong Suspension Bridge from the Japanese occupation period. The Taoyuan City Government re-engraved a small section of the suspension bridge at the southern end of the Balong Suspension Bridge, allowing tourists to see how the bridge used to look like at the time. Due to the lack of light in the old tunnel and the danger of falling rocks, for safety reasons, both ends are surrounded by railings, and tourists can only peep inside the tunnel from both ends.

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Inside the Balong Tunnel
Inside the Balong Tunnel
Inside the Balong Tunnel