Kaopo Hamlet

Attractions along Jiaobanshan Sanxing Historic Trail

The Kaopo Hamlet is located opposite the Yixing Hamlet, on the northern bank of the hillside terrace where Kaopo River and Dahan River converge in the Fuxing District of Taoyuan City,  It is 450 meters above sea level, and the traditional Atayal name for the place is Kaubo, which means fishing gear. It was named after the tool used by the tribesmen to fish in the early years. Kaopo is also known as Kaopuo and Kewupu. In the middle of the Japanese occupation, the people from Lahao hamlet that originally lived in Jianshi Township, Hsinchu County, moved to settle here. Due to the irrigation of the Kaopo canal, it was possible to reclaim the land for growing rice.

Today, due to the declining residents, Kaopo Elementary School merged with Luofu Elementary School in 2013. The original school building is now the headquarters of the Indigenous Peoples Tribal University, a place for people to learn together.

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View from above of Kaopo Hamlet
View from above of Kaopo Hamlet
View from above of Kaopo Hamlet