Batongguan Excavation Monument

Attractions along Batongguan Traversing Historic Trail

The Batongguan Excavation Monument at the Nan'an Visitor Center of the Yushan National Park was originally set up in front of the Yuli Shrine when the completion ceremony of the eastern section of the Batongguan Traversing Historic Trail was held on January 22, 1921. However, in the post-war period, the monument was moved and left at the Zhengoushi Bridge due to the widening of the road. Finally it was found by Yang Nanjun, an expert on Taiwan ancient roads, in 1988 and was sent to the Nan'an Police Squad for safekeeping.

Today, the Batongguan Excavation Monument still contains specific details of the excavation project, such as date, mileage, funding, team members, employees, deaths and injuries.


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Batongguan excavated monument
Batongguan excavated monument
Batongguan excavated monument